A new tool that helps you to manage online reputation

Is there anything worse than a customer disappointed with the service or food of a restaurant? Yes, there is; a disappointed customer who shares their thoughts over the Internet, letting their displeased opinion reach thousands of readers who might not be too keen on visiting the restaurant in question in the future.

For this same reason, TheySay.me has been born, a new service aimed at restaurants which offers an easy solution to the tedious task of keeping up with the multiple websites that collect restaurant reviews. With TheySay.me, you can quickly find out everything that’s being said about your restaurant on the Internet, regardless of the website being used. And from the same platform you have easy access to reply straightaway to any review if that’s what you wish.

TheySay.me has developed an exclusive algorithm (TSM Rank) which makes the intelligent recollection and analysis of reviews possible. A review written over two years ago isn’t the same as one written only a month ago; neither is a review written by someone who’s visited and shared their opinion concerning over fifty restaurants the same as a review written by someone who only has posted one. Keeping these factors and many more in mind, TSM Rank acts to give a general yet exclusive control panel to use so your restaurant can have a very precise idea of the evolution of what customers are saying and of the image that your business is giving on the Internet.

A bad review, lack of interest towards customer opinion or plain ignorance when it comes to what’s really going wrong in a restaurant can sometimes be what sinks a business. With TheySay.me you can easily manage this, being a fast, intuitive and easy to use service that doesn’t break the bank.

TheySay.Me is currently operating in the UK, France and Spain in its first phase and will soon open in Italy and Germany. Behind TheySay.Me, there is a multidisciplinary team, expert in online marketing, that considers of vital importance the information given by customers on the Internet and believes that it isn’t correctly managed due to lack of time or dedication. More than 350 restaurants are already using TheySay.me in its first few months of operation.

Cassie Bannister
Communication Department

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